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Video Surveillance System , Access Control Systems , Fire Alarm and Fire Fighting Systems .
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Military Systems for Border, Territory and Maritime Control

The protection of homeland territory requires the capability to secure borders from both land and sea. We have a range of solutions to ensure effective and reliable surveillance and security of national borders.

Border Surveillance Systems provide real-time regional surveillance, early warning, targeting and border-patrol mission management. The solution also improves terrestrial and maritime security, regional control and border protection, enabling complete real-time connectivity across the entire border-security array.


  • Protection of all kinds of borders (land, sea, river and offshore platforms)
  • A flexible, integrated solution
  • A solution adapted to client needs and system requirements
  • Wide experience in integrating and reusing existing systems

Coastal Surveillance Systems

Coastal Surveillance System is a highly sophisticated, multi-layer system employing advanced surveillance from autonomous, remotely operated sites. These sites feature long-range coastal surveillance radar synchronized with a long-range day-night video surveillance system.

Each site is a self-sufficient unit, in terms of power, communication, site security and processing. This enables independent deployment of sites in stages.

The system is remote-controlled from a central control room. All the data from the sites is routed to the central control room via wireless, fiber-optic, or other existing communication infrastructure, where it is processed and displayed.


  • High probability of detection, identification and classification of maritime targets and low-altitude aircraft
  • Advanced functions for evaluating and analyzing tactical information
  • Fast and robust processing to allow handling of high-density environments
  • Fast, wide and reliable method of collection and distribution of information among physically scattered decision makers
  • Minimum work force – high level of automation

The core of this system is comprised of

  • High performance, long-range coast surveillance radar, specially adapted to coastal and sea environments (clutter and sea environment)
  • High quality long-range day/night/laser observation systems, employing third generation thermal imagers
  • Observation towers complete with their own power unit, perimeter fence and site security
  • Wide-band wireless communication modules for each coastal surveillance site
  • Optional mobile surveillance vehicles for coverage of areas not covered by the towers
  • Personal surveillance sensors, such as hand-held third generation thermal imagers, night vision goggles and personal equipment
  • Digitized control center facilitating coastal surveillance and management software, large LCD displays, digital maps and high tech control console for the operators

Advanced functions for evaluating and analyzing tactical information

Identification (friends, enemies, neutral parties)

Border surveillance and protection from terrorists

Sniper detection

Protection of high value assets


High-Accuracy Protection

Operate in total darkness

Reduce parasitic lights

Protection of high value assets

Perform in degraded weather conditions

Search and rescue

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